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Educating children's hearts and minds...True education isn't just about learning facts and figures, but developing character as well. History teaches courage; science teaches integrity; math teaches discipline; and composition teaches humility. Training minds and molding hearts are what parents do best, after all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fabric Banners for Sale!

These have been fun to make! They're all sold, but feel free to email me if anyone's interested in the future! You can customize your own.

Monday, December 15, 2008

We survived!

So, last Monday Samuel decided to cut his own hair to become bald. After we discussed why mom is the only one to cut hair I helped him out by finishing the job! The other boys wanted in on the fun, so I've buzzed all my boys' hair just in time for Christmas and the cooler weather! ha ha

Orson's been curious, of course, and has kept me busy not only with playing in the pantry in my 50 lb. bag of flour, but also oatmeal on the floor (carpet, not tile), dumping all the games out as he quickly tries to play them the 2 yr. old way, and getting launched off the trampoline a couple of times just to climb back on for more!

Yes, I thank my Heavenly Father daily that he's still alive when he falls off of the trampoline, but this last week I was praying even more so that we didn't have to go to the emergency room! I have heard many variations as what happened, but the result is always the same. The ladder to get up on the trampoline was ON the trampoline (danger in itself), and when someone jumped somehow the ladder and Orson's eye connected! This cut right under his eye and took a couple of days to stop the bleeding! His eye is healing well and he has a beautiful black eye to show for his adventure! This doesn't stop him. The first day, with bandaid holding the gash together, he climbed right back onto the trampoline for round 2. What a trooper! Mom was a little nervous, but he's happier when able to be outdoors and active!

Looks like I'll have to be posting daily to remember everything, cuz I can't remember any more of last week!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Party

Dec 6th was our ward Christmas Party! We forgot about pictures and so took them anyway for fun! You can see how we all felt. It was a great time getting to know people that we usually don't get to visit with. The dinner was amazing, as always, and we were able to sing some fun songs together. I was grateful we were early enough to get a seat, since there was standing room only! Quite the crowd....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Mary is definitely the leader of the group at 8 yr. old. She was a great help when I needed her to manage the home after LauraJo was born. I NEEDED my naps, and she really stepped up to give me a hand with the others. She was always my right hand with my other children since they all came so close together. Mary loves drama, piano, reading, scrapbooking, sewing, and anything else that uses the imagination. She and I love to watch Anne of Green Gables together!


Hyrum is quite the young man. He's excited to reach the special age of 8 yr. old. It's fun to learn new things from all his reading. He's teaching me! He loves Star Wars & Indiana Jones and spends time alone constructing some neat ships and bikes with his legos. We used to call him "Guy Smiley" when he was a baby since he smiled all the time. Now he loves to get his baby sister to smile. They look so much alike!


Samuel is 6 yr. old and loves to be outside. He's played flag football this year and wants to save up to play tackle football! Oh my! He is quick to get all his schoolwork done for the day to be able to work on his own projects. A hands-on boy!


Lincoln is 4 yr. old and loves to be around his siblings. His gentle ways always draw people to want to be around him. It's fun to see his desire to learn. Writing is his favorite thing to do. We all get letters from him!


Orson is 2 1/2 yr. old and another fun lovable kid to have around. He keeps me so busy that I've had to change my homeschooling curriculum this year so that I can always keep one eye on him. He's similar to Curious George, if you know what I mean. The stories of him could be daily, but you'll have to keep checking back to get those! It helps other mothers see that life is always adventurous!!!


LauraJo was born March 15th with lots of excitement! After 4 boys, we were all looking forward to another girl in the household. She has been so easy for all of us to take care of. She is 8 1/2 mo. old and thinks she's old enough to stand up and learn to balance. I haven't had a child, yet, that has been that quick, so good luck! I know she only wants to keep up with the others and I have no doubt that she will.

And that's how it all started....

Ten years ago, 1998, a dear friend of ours handed out our email addresses to each other and we've been blessed ever since! From when we met to when we married was less than 4 months. Now, ten years later we have brought in 6 children to our circus and are complete....we think!!! (Can you see why we laugh with joy when we tell our children that we all don't have patience.) Married fast, brought kids into the world quickly, and now we have stories like you can't imagine. These are stories of our children growing up, or should I say as we've grown up with our children. They truly have been the greatest teachers of all! It's time to start recording with pictures and words how this circus is run!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mother!!! Married to my sweetheart, Greg, and bring in six amazing children down to earth has been the most wonderful experience! Our kids keep us busy with their curiosity and excitement for life. We laugh, learn, cry, read, and pray together all the time. The memories we are making as they grow up are ones I wouldn't change for the world!