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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Good Things....

If you haven't watched the clip "Good Things to Come" by Elder Holland I recommend it before reading my post! It's after this post.

With more detoxing this past couple of weeks I have not felt the best. The kids and I enjoyed working on Unit Studies, swimming, scrapbooking, and anything else we could do. When my energy gone they let me take naps when I reached my breaking point! I love having children who are old enough and responsible to take care of each other.

The thorough test results showed only one thing. An infection of some sort. I was relieved to see that there wasn't any autoimmune issues as well as rheumatoid, thyroid, etc. So now what? With the signs of an infection the Doctor sent one test back to get more information on it. I then hesitantly, yet in faith, started on an aggressive antibiotic. Not fun! I can tell that there is medication in my body and am replenishing the negative side-effects with all the natural supplements I have.

I received the results from a more in-depth test on this infection two days ago. It seems that there is a Chronic Strep infection that is pretty intense. Looking back to where my tonsils are he saw they have atrophied and basically are not helping the issue.

The bottom line is that my immune system is shot! Amazing! I wonder if having 6 children in 8 years had anything to do with this. Tough pregnancies? Stress? Depression? :) No matter what it is I added a couple more techniques from my Doctor. He gave me a shot in my tonsils to help "wake them up". I have to admit that I have felt somewhat better from that! I am still getting an IV of Vitamins weekly as well as taking all the supplements here at home and eating as organically as I can with my no-wheat-yeast-dairy diet. Man, it's been a learning experience!

Back aches are still there and my head feels like I'm taking meds, but I feel progress! I don't feel like I have the flu ALL day!!! I hope to continue on this path.

I look forward to getting rid of the infection, which is causing the inflamation through my back, and rebuilding my immune system to "run and not be weary, walk and not faint".!!!

I agree that "Good Things" are happening and I love what's in store!!!

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Jen said...

Your faith never ceases to amaze me. My sister just found out her 10 year old boy is allergic to dairy and gluten. It's a tough diet. I hope you hang in there! I miss seeing you.

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